I'm about to buy a Marshall JTM-60 second hand for £275. Am I making a wise choice here, or would I be better off buying a TSL-602 which the shop also has, though for a £150 more (I have the money.)

Or is there something else I could go for for £450 maximum. I'm willing to buy second hand but not to ebay.
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if you have tried it and like it then get it. get what you like and get the tone you are looking for

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Great amp. Make sure you have a fan running to cool off the back, heating issues. Best clean tone out of any marshall. Great distortion. Use a boost/od pedal to get a thicker distrotion
If you don't want that TSL-602, can you PM me the shop/link?
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You could go for a Randall RM50. Then get the JTM, Plexi or SL+ preamps for it. Selling mine, would be willing to swing you a great deal.
i own a JTM-60 and it's a solid amp if you really like that Marshall sound.

i've owned it for 2 years, it's served me well, and for the price you can't really get a finer tube amp to be honest.
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Both steals imo! Depends what your playing though both completely diffrent amps.
Keep in mind the JTM30/JTM60 are nothing like the JTM45, they're completely different amps with completely different tones. Just pointing that out since I'm reading things like "best clean tones out of any Marshall" which is a title usually given to the JTM45 and "JTM" modules for the Randall which is most likely also based off the JTM45.

The JTM45 was an early to mid '60s plexi panel based off the '59 tweed Bassman.

The JTM30/60 were released in the '90s as part of Marshall's lower end tube line.
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