Hello from Iceland ( or as Zeppelin put it " land of ice and snow..) This is a great forum and I would really like a little help on picups selection for my SG build..
Being into metal and heavy rock and was looking on Seimour Duncans, maybe for
Duncan custom SH-5 for bridge ( or JB) and ´59 for neck..what do you think..??
JB and '59 are always a popular choice.

might wunna look at other brands, dunno if you heard of bareknuckle but they're pretty good aparently. i suggest just wonderin on teh net for a while just looking up companies, find sound clips and youtube clips.

good luck!
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A Custom 5 would be the perfect choice in an SG, with a 59 in the neck...I wouldn't stick a JB in there unless I really hated you.
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