Back in October I was looking at buying said bass, the price on GAK was (I believe) around the 380 mark... I didn't buy it because I had other financial outgoings.

So, some money has freed up and I look online today at the price and its a huge 442 pounds at GAK. This seems to be the standard price across the board too, the only sites which have the old price around the 380 mark are either OUT OF STOCK or too unknown for me to trust my money to.

Can anyone shed light on this frustrating situation?
all prices are going up, blame the economic problems everyone is suffering with
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all prices are going up, blame the economic problems everyone is suffering with

This, my Gibson Explorer shot up in price just after I got it
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New prices are going up, but the deals on consignment and used are quite good right now. There isn't a single time I don't walk into the shops I frequent that I don't see a used SR500. Unless you are dead particular about the colour, you can get some very good deals.
I've noticed it as well. I had an SR-305, which was $350 when I bought it, 3 months later I went to sell it and it was going for $380.
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Thanks for the advice, I am currently bidding on one.

Perhaps I'm not thinking about this the right way but I thought the interest rate cuts meant prices would be lower?

EDIT: I just won an ebay auction for said bass, for 340 pounds which is a pretty sweet price IMO. So unless this guy pulls out, I should be picking this up over the weekend!
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