Hey originally i was just going to ask one question but i thought i might as well ask 2.

I'm more than happy with my Bugera 333xl (with kt77's ) but i was wondering, for future upgrade purposes, are there any amps that sound similar but a hell of alot better than the 333xl. Price isn't really an issue because this would DEFINATELY be a in the (hopefully not too distant) future. I like that really crunchy guitar tone that is sort of similar too silverchairs frogstomp with less gain. Nice crunchy distortion that has alot of balls and sounds like a mean bastard, but can sound quite nice too. The reason i ask for a similar sort of amp is just because i've got a really good tone that i can honestly call my own. I guess you'd boil it down to rock at its core, but modern, ahhh i dunno how to explain it.

Second question is, at the moment i have a behringer cab... nooottt soo great. I have a friend who's trying to convince me to buy a 2X12 (hi if you read this :P) but i dunno, i havent seen many 2X12s that can fit the bugera head (its fairly wide) and i'm not too sure about how it would look... i know thats not a main concern but still. So if someone can argue a definate reason why a 2X12 is better than 4X12 apart from the obvious size difference feel free. Otherwise i was thinking of getting a second hand Marshall 1960 or possibly a Mesa cab. It'd have to be second hand because i don't particularly want to spend more than a grand (australian) on a cab and they pop up on ebay pretty often.
If anyone has any other cab suggestions that would be great too!
Well, I guess I could state the obvious. Peavey XXX or 6505?

How wide is your head? My Avatar 212 traditional cab is 28.5" wide and probably wide enough for most heads. I realise you are in the UK but I got mine new with kick ass speakers for $400. Look for those, Vadar and Lopoline along with your Mashalls and Mesas.

I like the 212 idea better but I don't gig. They are plenty loud/full enough and simply easier to haul around. Get an oversized 212 and you'll still look cool. But yes, ditch that Beringer cab.
It's pretty hard here in OZ to spend less than 1G especially for something really decent.
All the 2x12 cabs (loaded) ive seen here are around the $1100 mark. I'm sure you could find something for less, but will take a bit of time to find.
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Would the xxx be much of an upgrade? or would i be better off with a jsx... i've heard theyre different animals altogether, that being said still might get me the sound i want.

I know what you mean about the cabs in aus, thats why i say ebay, i see 1960's going for around 800 pretty often, i'd be willing to pay more if its worth it. Are the avatars better than marshall or mesa cabs?
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I don't know about 'better', but you have many more options when it comes to tolex and grillcloth colors. They're certainly cheaper and have good sound quality - definitely contending with Marshall cabs - but I dunno about Mesas.
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Yeah, I don't know if they are better necessarily. I can attest to the fact that mine is very solid and like Raijouta said you can mix and match colors, tolex, speakers, wiring, whatever. Same with Vadar and the others. I do not think that they ship to australia is the problem so you may just have to hunt and buy off your local eBay or trademe.com or whatever that site is.

The 333X is based off the Peavey XXX so they are similar. Probably not worth it to upgrade since tonally they are very much the same. Quality wise the XXX is better. I would say the JSX is an upgrade over either and has a differenet sound to it. More brighter I guess, cleaner maybe but still do teh heavy chug. Again, you have to keep your eyes open to whats availalbe on the used market there.
What about engl/bogner/soldano i know theyre generally very expensive amps but can they get the tone im after. There is one avatar dealer over here but yeah, no pick and match.

My bugera should be alot better soon, im having it properly repaired and fixed up by a tube amp tech. I know it wont change heaps but it should make it a hell of alot more stable.

Well by the looks of it, i'll be getting a second hand 1960 or avatar 4x12 (i dunno, i'll take a look at my head ontop of a 2X12, might just look weird live. If i get REALLLYY lucky a mesa might pop up on ebay for cheap.
1.) this thread may help a bit with your first question.

2.) what is being fixed on Bugera? Are you familiar with BeerChurch's blog on this?

3.) Good to know you have an Avatar dealer. I mention that because you will generally get the same quality but without the brand name cost. Don't buy a cab based on how cool it looks (although I know that is important). If you have the means to haul around a 4x12 then I won't stop ya.

1) thankyou very much!

2) grounding issues, something with the preamp stage (it sounds like there is an octave effect or realllllly really fast (like 1 or 2ms) slapback delay, i dunno makes cleans sound like crap. I got it repaired under warranty when some idiot fried my amp (i wont go into it) and then it came back with more problems! So im paying a PROFESSIONAL to do it. Yeah i read it after i sent it to be fixed unfortunately

3) the avatars here are 1,100 for a 4X12 so it kinda depends on whatever is on ebay, haha i like the 4X12 coz i customise my grill so it looks awesome

EDIT: i just had a look at some oversized 2X12s which look pretty cool. Ahh soo hard to choose!
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Ok i decided second hand marshall is the way for me... considering i can get them for up to $200 cheaper than the avatar 2X12's.

Over here the 1960s go for about 800 second hand... Avatar 2X12s go for 900 for normal and 1000 for the oversized and then 1200 for 4X12, just not worth it.
Sounds good mate.

I put your Recording To Do's in my favorite threads blog. In addition to the Stickies it is a great reference point. I like how you reference the stickies and the FAQs. You have a misspell at beginning under transperancey. You say 'head' and you meant 'hear'
I don't hang out in RnR very often but have you thought about creating one master thread? Get a mods approval if you need it. Reserve 7 or 8 pages and then paste each of these into it's own page? To consolidate it all.

The only other suggestion at first glance would be to maybe spend a bit more time with the lower end recording gear. The stuff that most questions here in GGnA are about. USB mics, audacity, headphones and mics in amps, lower end preamps like the Pod Studio (Pod Farm) and M-Audio. Maybe that is all covered but that might beef up 102 for those of us that need a quick simple cheap guide to get going.

Unfortunately i don't actually know much about low end gear. I sorta skipped low end and went straight into mid end gear. So the fact of the matter is, i don't know what low end interface is best, i've never used anything lower quality than logic or digital performer, the list goes on but i jumped in the deep end and i'm going into high end over the next few years. After that i need a mac pro and pro tools hd.

So yeah, i wish i could but i just don't know enough. I might ask some help