Hi all. I just purchased went against my initial plan of picking up either a roadworn or a baja tele, as I fell instatly in love with a classic 60's in olympic white, that just felt and sounded lovely; the neck felt nice and smooth in the shop, just needed lower action to suit my playing style. As soon as I came home and started tweaking it to my satisfaction, trouble started to occour. I am used to playing gibson les pauls with relatively straight necks and quite a low action( about 1.5mm on low E and 1.2 on high E ~ 3.75/64th of an inch on low E and 3/64ths of an inch on the high E) And this setup has suited me well for a long time. I realize that I might not be able to get quite as low an action on a classic spec'd tele with the lower radius fretboard, but this one is absurd. There seems to be no way to get the neck even close to being right, and the cause seems to be that there is a sort of "hump" on the part of the neck that meets the body. So basically, regardless of the relief I put in the neck, anything from the 14th/15th fret and up is trouble unless I have the action so high that it is no pleasure to play( were talking on the lines of 7-8/64ths here). This naturally also causes troubles in bends any other places on the neck. Is this really normal for this type of guitar? Should I trade it in for a baja which has a different type of neck and flatter radius too or is this simply a trait of cheaper teles?

Advice will be appreciated.
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