Not sure if this is right thread but anyways.....

So recently our band added a second guitar player to our band,but we realised we dont know any 2 guitar songs!!So.....

Can you list some easy 2 guitar songs to play to help us get started?

We mostly play Heavy metal,hard rock,blues,punk and some alternative music
killswitch engage?

or any metal core band really..

they're fair easy
theres loads

a7x, kse, soilwork, bullet for my valentine, Lamb of god, trivium, etc etc
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and trivium, BFMV, Killswitch engage, almost any metalcore band (don't want to say all there's got to be 1 that doesn't have 2)
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i highly recommend a7x stuff.

theyre one of the best bands in terms of getting your two guitarists comfortable with each other.
Pearl Jam FTW. Try Evenflow, it's got some cool parts for rhythm and lead.
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acdc, airbourne, 'tallica,

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Go with metallica and early maiden stuff
A7X pretty good too, CoB ..