I've just bought two second-hand pickups (Gibson 500T Ceramic Bridge Humbucker & Gibson 496R Ceramic Neck Humbucker) and an entire SG control pots harness (taken from a 2004 Gibson SG) to replace the electrics in my repainted (and actually quite nice to play) Epiphone SG.

The pickups are slightly different to the Epiphone ones they are a single wire with the outside shielded in metal, whereas the old ones had 2 wires coming out of them and were not shielded.

Am I correct in thinking that I just need to solder the wire shield part to the back of the pots (so the earth) and the inner part of the wire to the leg on the appropriate volume pot which is then connected to the tone pot?

Also looking from the top down (rear of the guitar) which set of pots relate to the bridge & neck pickups as I can't remember. I've found some SG wiring diagrams but the best one I can find (well easiest one for me to understand anyway) seems to be for push pull pots to select the pickup cores so that is slightly confusing the issue for me.

Thanks in advance.

You are correct on the ground being the outside shielding and the inner wire being hot. As far as which set of pots is for which pickup I'm not sure but you can wire it to suit your self. I like the top knob closest to the pickups to be the bridge volume and the one below it to be the neck volume with the bridge tone on top and neck tone on bottom. Do it however you like it.