I can't seem to find confirmation on this, as there is in the C-1 Blackjack...

If not, how much would it cost to install coil split in it myself?
there is one on the new ones with the 3 way toggle. but you dont need one on the old ones cause of the 5 way switch. win ?
point taken! :>

So with a 5way its:
1st: Bridge hum
2nd: Bridge single
3rd: ? Both hums or a single from each?
4th:Neck single
5th: Neck hum

Something like that?
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I've got a C-7 blackjack atx and I'm pretty sure it doesnt have a coil tap/split on it
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The ATX is different. It has actives.
Im talking about the regular Blackjack with JB/'59