I understand all the basics of theory like harmonizing scales , intervals, how to harmonize basic chords into other ones.

I am looking for an instructional video that puts a strong focus on how to actually use chords and scales together. Like if you are in the key of C major and want to solo over the chord progression C F and G then can you use minor pent scales and major as well? THings like this I don't get and I am looking for a good video or something that focuses on how to actually USE all the theory that one learns.

Any recommendations will be apprectiated
Pretty much what I was planning to do next myself. What I strongly recommend is getting hold of "Melodic Control" by Marty Freidman.

If you want to play over something in the key of C major, you want to use scales that don't clash - for example, C major will not clash at all. C major pentatonic is a top choice as well, and perhaps a little easier to use. You could use C minor pentatonic - to use a minor scale over major chords is especially common in blues.

The main thing you have to do is listen and find out. Get a C major backing sequence, and then try all the different scales and ideas you know. You'll probably make a lot of mistakes in naming your choices, (eg, try "A minor pentatonic" over C major and you'll probably like it - although it should actually be named "C major pentatonic" in that context.) but you can correct those mistakes as you learn more about improvising and such.

Get playing!