i was wondering if anyone would like to send me their lyrics...
i have a pretty good setup and a huge number of ideas for song.. problem is.. i suck at writing.... so i though maybe.. just maybe.. someone would like to 'band up' with me and help me out....

Let me know... i can be pretty protective about my work.. so obviously i dont expect lyrics to start pouring in... all i can give you is credit for the lyrics/comp.

p.s. : i'm sick of making instrumentals... my genre is anything from soft rock to heavy metal..... though these days i seem to be a lil more into melodic and porcupine tree like stuff....

I enrolled in feminist studies
To make some "buddies"
Unfortunatly no gent caught my eye
And I was left high and dry

Take an hour in the shower
To make sure your "very clean"
You know what I mean

My Lecturer the van gent
Said he was available for rent
I said I don't do girls
And she did a suggestive twirl

A pleasant suprise down south
A pop in the mouth
More than I expected
I think I may be infected

When all is said and done
Then I will run
It's not my fault
Never I would halt.

Tell me if you need more verses send me a copy when its done.
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