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Well basically, I've been workin on this song on and off for a week now. I started on Saturday last week, it was originally one of those "in the moment" songs, but unfortunately, tight schedules prevented me from workin on it, and so I lost motivation to work on it. But because of weather here in UK i'm off College today, so I figured I'd spend some time finishing it.

This is like, probably the first time I've ever written something like this. I've never really written a Death Metal song as a Death Metal Song, if you get what I mean. Symphonic stuff it this was really cool, lovin Harmonic Minor stuff nowadays . Wasn't sure whether to really call it prog, but it has all sorts of time signatures in it so I thought why not?

C4C I guess
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Intro riff: Meh, I don't really like the way it flows.I do like the chords, though. They'd probably sound better with a less odd timing. The keyboard riff is very nice.

Verse 1/2: Again, the keyboard stands out, adding a really nice touch. I think this is a pretty cool riff.

1st solo: Not bad, but certainly not memorable. It does its job, I guess.

Chorus: Pretty good. The only thing I didn't like were the drums, but it's very good overall.

Post-chorus: Very nice riff. Not really much else to say.

Interlude bit: Probably the best riff in the whole song. I love the way it complements with the keyboard.

2nd solo: Same as 1st solo

Keyboard solo: My favourite solo in this song. The post-solo fits really well, and it's really cool too.

Overall: Nice song, it needs a few work on the guitar solos, but everything else is pretty much spot on (except for maybe the timing issue mentioned above). I give it a 7.5

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:P yeah, the intro riff is a bit iffy. When I first wrote that bit (I write chronologically btw) I thought it sounded pretty cool and progressive, but later hearings of it I was kinda... meh :S

yeah, to be honest the solos are pretty half-assed and uninspired. Couldn't really think of anything to do with them. I had a few pretty cool ideas, but didn't fit with the song.