Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting a buzzbomb 2x12 cab with green machines from earcandy cabs. Do any of your have any experience with the cabs? What about with the Green Machines?
The BuzzBomb may very well be the best 2x12 available for sale anywhere at any price. The Green Machines are great, but don't hold a candle to the Sugarcones.
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I don't have any personal experience with them, but I've heard that the wait is horrendous.

Take my comment with a grain of salt, though, as I've not dealt with them directly.
Sugarcones are flippin expensive though. The cab I customized was already $585 with the green machines. Goin to the 'cones was way over what I want to pay.

Do you think I could get them to do a 3/4 closed back?
i actually own the exact cab you said, a buzzbomb with green machines. The wait time was killer, but the end product was phenomenal! The cab really can be EQ'ed the way you want it, with all the bass you can put in it. Unlike anything i've heard. i have a video on youtube, just search earcandy or dumble clone and you will find it
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I don't have any personal experience with them, but I've heard that the wait is horrendous.

Take my comment with a grain of salt, though, as I've not dealt with them directly.


Heard the same thing too
Aww man that is sick. Thats the one Im getting except mines gonna have the recessed handles. They are still expensive but man, I want one.
oh man thats the king of all big pictures, as for the waiting time. i heard the same as the other guys who said it before. but the end is worthy of the wait.
yeah, I got lucky, bought mine off of craigslist for 300$. the speakers aren't my top choice: eminence red coat governor and a texas heat, but they sound pretty good. In the future I want to upgrade to those earcandy greenbacks
I almost bought a Buzzbomb for like 350 before I got my Mesa. Aside from would have saving 350 bucks, the Buzzbomb's sound amazing. Listen to Neurosis's latest album; both Steve and Scott use Earcandy Buzzbombs for basically everything (except for scott, who uses a Fender Twin for cleans). They definitely seem worth the money and wait.
well I just bought a Carvin V3 from a guy on ebay for $600. Maybe I'll go ahead and get up off the money for the buzzbomb. It'll look good sitting beside my Orange.
Hey, I just ordered a buzzbomb w/ green machines. The owner tim is a very nice and helpful guy. He talked to me for twenty minutes to get everything right.(good luck with that from fender, marshall etc...) He told me he just hired an extra worker, so the wait time shouldn't be AS long. Lol. I've heard nothing but good things about them, and my cab came out to 540$, which really isn't too bad, I think they are gonna get popular within the next few years, amazing product/customer service with reasonable prices sounds damn good to me!
i actually own one with a couple of V30s and holy **** its amazing. its a damn good cab. get one if you have the cash. and yeah,the wait was a bit of a bitch but wayyyyyyyy worth it
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I was considering buying a buzzbomb cab at one point. I've heard really good things about them, but I haven't tried one so I don't know for sure. While we're on the topic, how much better are the sugarcones compared to the greenbacks?
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