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stay with what i have
3 12%
get iphone
7 27%
some other phone
16 62%
Voters: 26.
right now im trying to decide if i should get an iphone or not. my current phone is a piece of **** and doesnt even have text messaging. so should i get an iphone or get something else
get a blackberry, so your not apples bitch
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No, don't. First of all there are rumours of a new version currently in production, second they're kinda shit for what they cost.

yes their is i have inside information. look under-neath name.
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Personaly i would not get an Iphone, but thats just me. I say get the sony ericsson 760. Thats what i have and i love it
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I think the iPhone looks pretty cool. I've used a few touches, and I kind of like them. And if you can indeed watch porn, then you can choke the chicken everywhere you want!
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My friend has one and I thought it was amazing, the battery lasts long, a lot of amazing programs, you can unlock it easily with a program, strong, resistant screen and more ****.

But really overpriced, I would never buy one.

ill just leave this here
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I decided to go with an iPod touch since you don't have to pay the service fees for internet and stuff. My campus is wireless so I really didn't want to pay for a service that I wouldn't need most of the time.