I'm in bad need of a new guitar as I've got all the use I can out of my crappy starter guitar for three years or so. My band will be looking to gig as soon as we've sorted a vocalist so I need to get my equipment up to scratch. I've already bought a Randall RG-50 tube combo a while back which I'm more than happy with, I have great cables so the only thing left is a nice guitar to compliment it all.
I've been playing an amazing ibanez prestige in town whenever I'm there, along with a few others but this was the best imo. I then found out it was £999 which is a bit out of budget for me.
I now badly need some recommendation from you guys for what I should be realisticly checking out.

Budget: around £600
Style: I want a guitar that can handle pretty heavy metal such as LoG, Machine Head, Metallica etc. A real tight chunky rhythm sound and piercing leads.

Thanks for any suggestions! Really stuck atm
^Low end deans? Yeh sure

Look for a used prestiege
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Any ideas how much a used prestige would cost? And where i could look to find one? I'm in the UK btw. Thanks guys
I'd check out ebay and see what they go for first. If they're 999 new and you have 600 then I'm sure you could find what you want for what you have to spend.
Thanks caraluzzo, i hope i can find that guitar with the money im lookin to spend like. Still, any more suggestions from anyone are welcome =D
Yeah, I was looking at the C-1 FR hellraisers which look really nice but I'm not dead set on them, although i really would like the advantage of a floyd rose to use in our music.
I own the C7 hellraiser, the Damien 7, and most recently the C1 BloodMoon. All great guitars for what they are designed for.
Get an Iceman imo, got one myself, Really bassy because of the dense wood; great neck for soloing and stuff, You'll get masses of sustain too.
Thanks for the suggestions so far, I'll check em out. None of the guitar shops round where i live stock schecter guitars so i've got small hopes of trying one out
You probably like the Ibanez RG because you like the thin neck so I'd stick with that idea. As a cheaper alternative, try taking a look at one of these:


The same body, same neck, plus a thru-neck construction. You could buy this and upgrade the pickups within your budget. There is a slightly cheaper version as well without the maple top.


Absolutely beautiful guitar with the same Wizard II neck as the RG. Great value and cheap enough that you could still upgrade the pickups in your budget. Again there is a slightly cheaper version without the maple top.


Slightly over budget and no locking trem but still a beautiful guitar.


A cheaper option but with a locking trem. Still superb value and very well thought of by many guitarists.

All of these are very good guitars and are well worthy of consideration.
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Thanks alot for the effort there doadman! I'm definately going to have a look at those, and I'll think about what you said about buying a cheaper guitar and upgrading the pickups. I'm not the most knowledgable when it come to them though, but I have heard good things about seymour duncan invaders, plus Syn from Avenged uses them and I really like his tone. Any more help? Thanks so far =D