So im thinking of getting an Ibanez SZ320, changing the tuners to Gotoh, and Putting a

Dimarzio Breed in the Bridge and an Air Norton in the Neck. But im not sure if I should

get F Spaced ones. I dont have the guitar on hand myself so I cant measure the width,

So if someone could help me out with this, that way I dont get the wrong ones.

is your bridge a Floyd Rose or Floyd Rose variant?

If so, get F-Spaced. F-Spaced stands fro Floyd-Spaced

If not, get a normal one.
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So i guess that means i dont need them on either pickup then?
get f spaced for the bridge. I have an sz720, the big brother of yours, i have a standard spaced paf joe in the neck and an f spaced mo joe in the bridge. everything fits and works beautifully.