Hey guys,

So I want to get something new to get me even more excited about playing as well as sounding better.

I started with a pretty cheap acoustic and played that for about a year improving rapidly. After that I bought my friend's Ibanez G10 GAX (not really sure what the real name is) as well as his Fender Frontman 15G amp (small little guy with just distortion and no effects really). I've been playing the electric for about 6 months now (so about a year and a half total). I practice pretty much every day for a couple hours at least, and I mostly play metal and some blues and funk as well.

So would a new amp be best, with actual effects and better distortion? Or do you think I would benefit more from a new guitar? If so what kind of guitar would be good? I wouldn't want a "metal" guitar.. maybe something pretty versatile but with a good distortion sound. My friend also suggested getting a distortion pedal because the distortion on my amp isn't the greatest.

Or am I just getting impatient and should just practice more until I REALLY know what I want?

Any tips you more experienced guys can give me would be great!

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Without a shadow of a doubt, get rid of the amp and get something better!! The Frontman is one of the worst amps I've ever heard and changing it will improve your tone dramatically. Given your situation I'd suggest some sort of modeling amp. What budget do you have?
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I agree with the amp first. I used to play on an Ibanez 10W practice. I picked up a Digitech GNX4 and a new guitar both before a new amp, and now realize how ridiculously out of order that all was. You can sound amazing with a cheap guitar and a good amp, but not the other way around.
Ah wow good feedback everyone!

My budget isn't really cut in stone... and it would also depend on if I could get any help from the parents. Maybe like $100-500...? Depends on what amps tend to cost on average....

But it seems like a lot of people are saying new amp is most important, which definitely makes a lot of sense to me. What kinds of prices would you generally assign to different kinds of amps. For example what would you say an "average" amp costs, what would you say an "amazing one of the best on the market" amp costs. Also, given that I mostly just play by myself in my room or occasionally jamming with a friend as well as the type of music I play would you have any ideas about good amps for me? Also what is the difference between amps really? I go to guitar center occasionally and play around, is there anything else to it besides the user interface and it's capabilities? Do some amps have better distortion or something?

Thanks again guys!
The roland microcube is good for in the room practice. Comes with some BOSS effects as well, chorus delay tremolo flanger phaser. As for the guitar, I was advised that the second guitar that you should get after your beginners axe should be 350$ as then the difference will be vast. Very open to debate though. Jus my few pence worth.
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I would recommend putting together a budget and then figuring out what amps are available at that price and go from there, also figure out what type of music/tone you're going for here.

You can get some decent modelling amps for like $250 like Peavey Vypyr 30 and Vox Valvetronix 30. If you want a nice tone but still not TOO loud, you can go for like a 15-20W tube combo amp of sorts like an Orange Tiny Terror Combo which has a good built in distortion channel, or a used Peavey Classic 30. There's also some Blackheart amps that I think are pretty good (tube).

You can save up for a new guitar a bit later on, an amp would do you good. I don't recommend any pedals for now, an amp makes a much bigger difference, so the best thing to do is put together all the money you feel like spending on an amp without thinking "oh I need $100 later for a pedal or something", and get the best amp that suits your playing style, so if you want a certain distortion tone, get some suggestions and/or find an amp that has that characteristic.
my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps

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Check out the Roland cube 30x and Microcube, the new Vox VT's, Peavey Vypyrs if you want modelling amps. Don't bother about pedals if you get a modelling amp (unless you want a Wah pedal).
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a modelling amp is where you can have many different amp types in one. For example a Zoom amp, or a line 6 spider (even though their terrible)

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get an amp if you have a group you jam with often, get a guitar if you jam by yourself mostly. a good amp will make you sound better, and a good guitar will help you play better (due to you being more comfortable with it).
A good point. A new guitar would definitely be cooler. And I mostly just play alone in my room (don't worry I'm not sad about it). But do those outweigh the fact that I have poor amp with no effects?
dude, get an amp first. The guitar might seem cooler, but seriously if you are comfortable with your current guitar then you can't go wrong with a new amp. I like the Peavey Vypr 30W suggestion. Save up $200 and get one. Perfect for you.
If you say 100-500, I'd go for a Peavey Windsor or even used. A nice tube amp will be an order you won't regret. Seriously, it seems you like guitar, I'd step up my game, even if its expensive. Normally, you get what you pay for and I'm just gonna QFT.
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hss strat mim?
new amp

same time, both used?
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Since you just practice at home and with a friend, but occasionally a drummer or no? The 30 watt Vypyr, Cube 30x and new Vox 30 watt are all worth trying out. They all have different amp voicings (models) to experiment with and would be better than a new guitar.

Edit: A new guitar is fun but it won't sound much different if you are using the same amp. A new amp will make your old guitar sound different/better.
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i vote for a peavey classic 30, maybe get an overdrive pedal to use as a boost
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