Ok, my band is composed of: Lead Guitar (me), bassist, drummer, lead singer, and keyboardist. The problem is with our keyboardist. We play classic rock.

How are we supposed to arrange the parts for like, Whole Lotta Love or Highway to Hell. Should the keyboardist play the rhythm, or just repeat the riff with me?

I know what he can do when I play the solos, but for verses, choruses, and intro i'm lost.

Please Help!
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Ask the bassist and the drummer, those guys set the rhythm, and Im guessing that you want the keyboard during the verse to kinda 'fit in'. If you want the keyboard to stand out, ask the guy to play some licks that go along with the sound of the song. You dont have to ask him to repeat the riff with you, its not necessary that he play through out the song. Maybe he could add some effects, idk, mess around, maybe something sounds good...
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Have him run an organ patch through some overdrive and kinda follow you.

Thickens up the sound, keyboard fits, everybody wins.
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