Hey so I was considering buying a recording interface, then realized that I could probably use my podxt live as an interface. I did a little bit of searching online and found that I can finally stop using it to collect dust and actually record some music, but I haven't found anything definite on hooking it up and actually recording. Has anybody here ever used a pod to record on a mac, and if so would you mind telling me what your setup was? I honestly haven't the slightest clue on how or where to start, so could you please be as detailed as possible? I figure I could just use a USB cable from the POD to the computer, but does the pod have to be hooked up to an amp? And can I use my pedals? And finally, when I open garageband are there any settings I need to tweak to get it recognize the USB as my guitar? Thanks for the help!
Download line monkey from line6.com this updates ur drivers for the xt live. In garage band go to the prefernces and select pod xt live as the input. Plug in ur gtar and fire up the pod and u should e ready to go. Nothing beats the sound of micing a cab but the pod sounds pretty decent. Let me know if u need more details. The ok e monkey software is simple and step by sep