My friend Jacob gave me his boss pedal, but he told me he snipped a "small pill-like" thing and he lost it. Obviously a resistor. How can I...

1. Identify the snipped resistor? It's connection was labeled on the circuit board R7.

Like so

^ R7
Dotted line represents snipped resistor.

2. Get another one.
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You should be able to see where he snipped it out. I'd just do a visual on that. As for a replacement, you'll need to scrounge around and find a schematic, then just replace it with the original value. Or, you could try and map out what it's function is and use a best guess approach. My guess is that a resistor with the labeling R7 is likely early on and you could likely trace to it quickest from the input jack. Just a thought...

The resistor at R7 has the following bands: brown, black, orange, gold.

The first stripe is brown which has a value of 1. The second stripe is black which has a value of 0. Therefore the first two digits of the resistance value are 10.
The third stripe is orange which means x 1,000.
The value of the resistance is found as 10 x 1000 = 10,000 ohms (10 kilohms = 10 kohms).

The gold stripe means the actual value of the resistor mar vary by 5% meaning the actual value will be somewhere between 9,500 ohms and 10,500 ohms.

Hope this helps.
By the way, there are tons of SD-1 mods available on the web just do a search for Boss SD-1 Mods.