Get a GW-Extreme from Gator Cases. It's made with interchangeable foam blocks so that it can hold any type of crazy body.

I keep my XTP700 in their right now.
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There are a couple generic cases that it should fit in. The Gator is a good one and I think Coffin makes a case for it as well.

I try and get Jackson cases for my Jacksons I have had great luck on Craig's list and Ebay. I got my RR and my Warrior cases both online for $39.99 each used and luckily boht were close enough I didn't have to pay shipping. I got another from Daddy's Junky Music for $49.99 just about four months ago. All 3 have some wear but they are nice ABS fitted cases and with a little cleaning look almost new.

The only other alternative is to have a Jackson dealer order one and they are not cheap.

Yeah gator cases work really well I have one for my RG that fits it pretty much perfect and its not specifically made for the guitar. They are cheap too only about $70-80.

EDIT: You can order the form fitting case for them but they are expensive. At my local shop it wouldve cost me like $150 for a molded RG case.
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I have a Universal Black Coffin. Although extremely large, and its quite pricey for a case, it sure is solid built, it looks awesome inside, its universal for most body shapes and it steals quite some attention. ^^
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Hey the SKB 63 will hold Kelly's AND Warrior's (form-fitted- not half-assed) Musiciansfriend.com or any local Guitar Center/SKB Dealer has it for $144.