Hey guys,
Its been a long time since a wrote here in forums.
I was planning to buy a new amp. I was thinking about a peavey valveking 112.
In a music store it cost about 3500 kr. here in Denmark. But while I was looking on a site just like Ebay callde DBA, I found two used peavey valve 112. The first one costed about 2500kr. only one year used, while the other one cost 1500 kr. but there is no info about it.
I am trying to save money so I think I would go for the less price amp, but do you think it's not a crap one.
I tried to call him and he say, the amp was fine, but I am still worried.
I had no chance to hear it because the dealer lives about 200 km where I live.

p.s Sorry for my English..
You'll probably wind up replacing the tubes anyway, so as long as the entire amp isn't shot it should be fine for the cheap one?