Hey guys,

I got my Gibson SG Special Faded some time ago and it's one of the best guitars I've played, however, I'm starting to notice that it hasn't got the kind of tone I'm looking for.

The guitar has Gibson 490T 490R pickups, but they are too treble for my taste, as if they screamed too much and had a lack of tone. (I only use the Rythm pickup, cause I always search clean and deep tones, so I talk about the 490R pickup).

I'm searching some pickups that give a deeper and cleaner sound, kind of blues sound, and not so treblish, but I'm not sure if I will be able to achieve this kind of sound, because the guitar is extremely thin, and it's like a feather, its weigth is ridiculous compared to an LP or any other guitar.

Do you think a more Blues, body, deeper, clean, blablalba sound could be achieved? Which pickups would you recommend me?

Thanks guys!
Mahogany is more of a smooth dark sounding wood. You should have no problem getting rid of too much treble. I'd say go for a Seymour Duncan JB. It Can do clean and bluesy all the way to metal.
May I also add that sometimes an upgrade to good quality pots, wiring, and resistor can really help a lot.
Thanks a lot Matt,

I've also been told that Gibson Vintage pickups or Dimarzio could be a good option, what do you think guys?