Hi all, it's my first post so i'll make it a good one, hopefully.

I currently own a 15 watt Fender Super Champ XD which i play through with an Ibanez RG470. I have recently joined a band and am in the process of looking for a louder tube amp to gig with.

My Fender is loud, but after '4' on the master volume, it doesn't really get any louder, just puts out more gain. It doesn't cut through the rest of the band and the other members often ask me to 'turn it up' so they can here a solo over the drummer.

I've been looking at the B-52 AT-112 after hearing it in the Guitar Player Amp Showdown. However, after much research it seems NOWHERE in the UK sells this amp.

Does anyone own one and have any suggestions about how to get one? Also do any of you have any experiences with this amp? I've also been considering the Peavey Valveking 112, Peavey Classic, Marshall DSL 401, JVM 215C, Epiphone So Cal 50 Head and Orange Rocker 30.

Any other amp suggestions would alos be appreciated, i'm a student though with a tiny car so no 'Go buy a Vintage Modern Half Stack!' comments please!

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