what all do you need for an electric-acoustic to be used in an amp?

i have a pod xt live and AS I RECALL, it has an acoustic amp sim on it, but even so,
if it DOESN'T do you need specifically and acoustic-electric amp and head, or really just the head, or what,

any info would be extremely helpful,
You can use a regular electric guitar head. However the tone that is produced will not be nearly as good as the tone that would be produced using an acoustic guitar amp.
By electric acoustic, do you mean a Acoustic with electronics, or do you mean a hollow body electric? If its the acoustic with electronics, then they make acoustic guitar amps especially for that. If it a hollow body electric, then just get yourself a electric guitar amp.
You can use a normal electric guitar head straight from your electr acoustic. It wont be as good as an acoustic amp but its a hell of a lot cheaper.
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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For gigs, so long as the PA system is decent quality, you can just D.I it, and get the monitor engineer to adjust your tone. Works for me.
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i run my acoustic electrics into a pa, ^like said, when out.

at home practice i use an acoustic amp or a SS electric guitar practice amp with nice cleans.

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