My uncle was taken off life support this morning and died...
How would you overcome it when a family member dies? i feel depressed right now and i just want some ideas to look on the bright side
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its the only thing that does actually happen to everyone...well that and birth
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Ok um bright side: Your alive!
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just listen to some songs and stuff that you enjoy.

Also, I bet he would want everyone to live on.
Just never forget about him thats all i can say.

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Just try and think he's in a better place and hopefully you'll see him again one day.
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I'd start by going to the hugging thread, i'm sure they can help you more than the Pit monkeys you'll get in this thread.
I had my Grandma and Grandpa die 6 months apart in 2007. Both lived around where I live, and I saw them everyday since Kindergarten (now a freshman in college).

There's no easy way man, especially if you were close to them. When my Grandma died, I remember staying home from school, just going to my room, locking the door, and listening to "no woman no cry" by bob marley for about 4 hours on repeat and just letting it all out.

I still have 2 pictures, one of my grandpa and me, and one with my grandma and me, by my bedpost. Just remember the good times. That's what helped me through it.

EDIT: no, I'm not a pothead or anything. I just like bob marley's music.

and you may feel like you need something to ease the pain, but trust me don't do anything. I got into drinking after my grandpa's death, but I stopped after a bout of pancreatitis and haven't had a drink in about a year now. Don't think about doing anything self destructive.
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Do something to take it off your mind periodically. Thinking about it constantly is not good.
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Wow, sorry to hear that.
Just look at the beauty in everyday things. Yeah, we're all only here for a short time - I mean an unimaginably small sliver in terms of the ancient universe.
People live and die - it's the natural order of things, so just make sure you find one thing to smile about every day, notice the little things, and let the people you adore know how much you love them.
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I'd say go to their funeral. I couldn't go to my grandma's or my cousin's funeral because I had exams at the time. It still beats me up sometimes that I couldn't see them one last time and say my goodbyes.
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I'd say go to their funeral. I couldn't go to my grandma's or my cousin's funeral because I had exams at the time. It still beats me up sometimes that I couldn't see them one last time and say my goodbyes.

I'm sorry. i don't like to view the bodies because for some reason when i do that's the last memory of them i ever have and i can't get it out of my head
yeah exactly as above

you gotta get on with life.
but you gotta remember him in your own way.
maybe sit with your family and talk about your memories about him.
Have a laugh, have a cry, just don't turn to drink or drugs.
R.I.P. your uncle
Listen to Shape of Despair.


No, joking. Seriously, don't do it I'm sorry for your uncle. R.I.P.
i'd say let it all out but dont let it get on top of you.
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When you're at the funeral, if you're that kind of family, try not to make it sombre

Try and remember what a great life that person had, and try and make it a "great death" as my dad put it. When you're at the reception, just have fun with your family and enjoy life. I know this sounds really cheesy but it made my grandparent's deaths so much "better". We all were together as a family, enjoying life whilst still remembering our loss.

That probably sounds cheesy but whatever, it makes sense to me
if you believe in all that christian bs you should throw a party and celebrate his death due to the belief that he is now in a better place.
Yer try and go to the funeral, it is the worse thing ever, but worth visiting to say bye one last time.
when my father died last year i learned his favorite song on guitar "don't fear the reaper" made me feel a lot better, since he alway encouraged me to play guitar. Just think about all the good times you had with the person, and if you have to just let it all out: cry, yell, punch the walls what ever makes you feel better

sorry for your loss man
sorry to hear about it

hugging thread is good,and talk to your friends about it too

and try and remember the good times
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Sorry for your loss, but you will get over it. I did. And i didnt talk about it to anyone, just kinda went trough it trying to continue like nothing is happening. Im not sure if this is customary in other countries, but here, after someones funeral we have a party. Maybe do that, while remembering the good stuff with your family. Abyway, you will get trough it, no worries there.
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