So... i have a knockoff black beauty with crappy chrome pos pups in it, and im gonna put gold ones in there. The choice remains ... Burstbuckers, Burstbucker Pros or S.D. Alinco 2s? im going for a sound that qualifys under jazzy, bluesy and can verge on classic rock at times ( so pretty much standard lp tone) but im not sure how i feel about burstbucker pros.... any opinions/prices/anyone wanna help make my choice easier?
I love the BB pros in my les paul, they're great clean and respond well to distortion.
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i gotta agree wit teh br00t4lz ofc, but those are in my ibanez and my fernendes.... thanks for the imput guys
SD Alnico II Pros should be avoided by 99.99% of people. You have to really know what you're doing with your amp and EQ to get anything close to a reasonable tone out of them. When you do know what you're doing and if you do have thousands to put into a fantastic amp then they will be great but the vast majority of people don't and can't, so my advice is to forget 'em.

BB Pros are very bland, just generic low/mid output Alnico V pickups. I don't even get why they're called BurstBuckers since they're nothing like the other BurstBuckers at all. You'd be better off getting something like a Seymour Duncan Jazz.

Gibson BB #1/#2/#3 are great pickups, I have them in two guitars (#2/#3 in one, #1/#2 in another), though I would still recommend you look elsewhere. The #3 will probably be too hot for what you want from the sound of it, and the #1 relies on your guitar being very good (which from the sound of it, it isn't). The #2 is really nice in everything, but it seems pointless to shell out the extra money for one Gibson pickup if you're not going to buy a set.

Bluesy verging on classic rock? Sounds like a job for a SD '59/Jazz/Pearly Gates combo.
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Just an aside. The original and '74 re-issue Black Beautys had P90's but that's not a nice conversion. Worth it if you want to sound like Mick Box of Uriah Heep.
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looked at p90s and didnt like it and MrFlibble, you realize ofc that there are 3 pickups in this guitar, so would it still sound poor wit #1,#2 AND #3 all in or would it just be better to go S.D. and if so how which ones and in what order

Edit: Also, everything that is crap in this guitar is being replaced i only am paying like 50 bucks so all i really want out of it is the guitar/neck, which are both in solid condition, im gonna replace the bridge, pup's, tuning pegs, anything that is crap quality is gettin outed. so if that needs to be put into your advice so be it
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