Okay well my friend has a dog and it was taken by her friend to get "shots" but she never gave the dog back. Lets say her name is Marie and my friends name is Jessica. Marie gave the dog to Jessica and Jessica has had the dog for 1 year and 3 months, she has taken it to the vet and the vet records show that the dog is Jessica's. But last weekend Jessica gave to dog to Marie to let her take the dog to the vet. But the x-rays show that the dog was "beaten with a blunt force object repeatedly" an that bruises have been there for a week. So the dog was taken to the SPCA foster home. So Jessica went to a lawyer and he said that Marie illegally took the dog. So please let me know who the dog LEGALLY belongs to. Oh and Marie has the contracts to the dog, but Jessica has had the dog longer, but Marie had over a year to give them to Jessica so PLEASE HELP!!
i know my friend i see her everyday with the dog she never hits the dog and the only time the dog is hit is when I play football with it.
Can you tell how long bruises have been on a dog?
Like if you go to a vet and their are bruises on the dog can you medically tell how long the bruises have been there external and internal bruises
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Good luck finding a doctor or a lawyer in the pit...
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why do you need a lawyers opinion?

your friend has gone to a lawyer which is the right thing to do. she'll get an answer soon enough.
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Yeah. people, like Lemoninfluence, are hypocrites and should have all their opinions invalidated from here on out.
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Good luck finding a doctor or a lawyer in the pit...

Yeah, you should probably talk to professionals rather than us idiots.
there are a few law students and I'm sure there's a few med students.

professional lawyers and doctors are hardly likely to give you free advice and students should know better than to give you advice on a subject that they aren't qualified to talk on.

I still don't know why the TS needs a lawyer/doctors opinion
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Yeah. people, like Lemoninfluence, are hypocrites and should have all their opinions invalidated from here on out.
Law students (and, I suppose, medical students as well) can give advice -as- students, however. That is, our "professional" advice is, by definition, unprofessional and, as such, should not be relied on to produce the legal effects that may have been predicted. Having made the fact that I am only a student clear by my user title, it would not be reasonable for anyone to rely on it as accurate beyond a purely academic exercise.

Apujols2, the question of ownership first. The vet's record that Jessica is the owner is, unfortunately, only mildly persuasive. Their records only reflect what was told to them for purposes of contacting the 'owner' and for billing.

As to the rest inherent in the question, I need a bit more information. Did Jessica bring the dog for his checkups as a favor to Marie, or did Marie sell the dog to Jessica in return for bringing the dog for his checkups (in essence, selling the dog for the cost of medical maintenance)? It seems like it could be either way from your narrative.

What do you mean by "Marie has the contracts"? Does she have registration papers showing the dog's bloodline and her right of ownership? Does she have a copy of the transaction between her and Jessica? Did she ever tell Jessica that she was going to hand over the contracts?

In such a case, it can be shown that Marie has validly sold the dog to Jessica, especially if the contracts you mentioned reflect the sale of the dog, or if Marie ever told Jessica that she was going to give them to her.

In another way, it may be that Jessica has acquired the dog through adverse possession, or 'acquisitive prescription.' This actually came up in a different Pit Post earlier this week... But if Jessica has possessed the dog -as- its owner (not just feeding him and walking him "for a friend," but possessing him while behaving as its owner and even with intent to -be- its owner, then it may be that a court will find that Jessica has become the rightful owner. I'm assuming, though, that her possession with ownership intent was 'open,' that is, Marie knew that Jessica was doing all of the things consistent with ownership.

As to the SPCA, though, I'm afraid I'm past my pedigree. I'm assuming that there is a statute that provides that an owner of an animal loses her right of ownership in the event of abuse and that the SPCA gets it, but I'd have to research all of that.

For now, I'll skip over the criminal (most likely misdemeanor) charges that may be brought up against Jessica, since it's yet to be found what's happened.

As for the medical stuff, and again, my already-unprofessional advice becomes even less trustworthy, I think that from the calcification on some internal injuries, doctors can approximate the date of the injury. As for the rest, the stage of healing may indicate when the injury occurred, approximately.

If you truly believe that Jessica did not and would not harm the dog intentionally, then it may be a good idea to walk through all the spaces the dog normally inhabits and find where it may be likely that the injuries occurred; jumping off of high stuff, sliding into furniture, etc. There is also the possibility that some "kids" found the dog alone and beat him just for fun. Are there times where that sounds plausible; is the dog left alone in view of the public often?
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