advice needed for whichh strings i would use, and what would be possible

i'm fixing up a guitar i got from a friend and i plan to use it as my "drop tuned" guitar with my other being in standard. It is a regular strat copy, pacifica 012 i THINK, not great but oh well haha

Heaviest i would go would be, D standard with a drop C so CGCFAD

and as im getting it set up (needed doing its not in great shape) how high could i also go without screwing it up, so could i go to regular D standard, Eb standard, or even regular drop D.


would this be possible

or another thing i was thinking of would be to get a capo so i could tune it to and from D standard and CGCFAD then capo for Db standard and drop D.

Hope this makes sense, also what string guage would you reckon for going that low (depending on what option would work) im playing 10s atm but i think i could go up.


hope you can help


edit: brands and specific strings would be nice too
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not sure about the tuning Qs, cba working those out. but i would go up to 11's or even 12's when your dropping it to C so they can drop and still sound full.

EDIT: if you willing to spend a bit more then get elixir strings, they last forever. But really you'll only need d'addario or ernie ball or whatever your preference is
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There are heavier strings that for those tunings that still have thin top strings for lead playing. DR puts out sets that are gauges 10-50. I think the other manufacturers do too. Just check the package and get strings that have a low end around 50 gauge or so.