Is it necessary to finish bass bodies, will anything bad happen to the wood if they are unstained or unfinished?
You'll definately want to seal the wood. If not you'll have a lot of discoloration. Depending on the wood, you might be able to just oil the body. Or you might have to clear coat it. What type of wood is the body?
yeah, If it's unfinished and you spill juice on it or something the wood goes the colour of the juice - voice of expereince; [not with guitar bodies though. ]
You should be able to get away with just waxing it once or twice a month for the first couple of years. When I got my bass it was already a few years old, I've now had it for about a year and a half and havn't waxed it once, the only difference I've noticed is the wood is a bit lighter by the pickups, where I rest my thumb
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the wood is alder,would minwax wipe on polyurethane work?


though danish oil would feel real nice...
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