Hey guys, just wondering about something...
This is a video of Gary Moore doing his song Parisienne Walkways.
There's a part at around 2:30 where he hits a note and sustains it for like
30 seconds! Could someone please explain this to me, I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a sustainer pickup...

EDIT: Here's a better in-sync vid...
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I play this song in my live sets, i used to do it with a solid state amp and some pedals, it was easy.

Its alot harder with a tube amp for some reason :/

But yeah, its basically controlled feedback, you pile on the gain, then, in the case for me now, i tilt my gutiar to one side when im stood facing the crowd, and the feeedback dosent squeal, it just transeds fron the note, but stays the same pitch.
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its probably just the feedback. the distortion is so smooth sounding in the neck pickup it doesn't give off that harsh, ear-piercing squeal
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