Hi all
Trying to figure out what pickups to get for my explorer build.
I've always played on Gibson pickups, being 57 classics and 490t/498r. I really don't know what other brands are in that tonal style, and are open to other brands. I just love the gibson tone.
Ive been hearing that Dragonfire's humbuckers ($25 for 2!) match if not beat the 490t/498r's. Any experience with these, anyone? Also the GFS Fat Paf Overwound are bringing up great reviews.
Thanks for your input everyone.

dimarzio super distortion are pretty sweet
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You'll love Super Distorts. Lovely warmth with a bit of bite.
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I've never liked Gibson's pickups, actually. If you're looking for a bit of bite, the Super Distortions are amazing pickups. If you want a more "vintage-y" sound with bite, Duncan JB's are great. For a good Vintage sound, a set of duncans of your choice is a good start.
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well I've been a bit of a Gibson fanboy for too long.... up until recently. You just pay for the name - forget it.
BUT i still love the sound of their pickups.
Super distorts it is! HOWEVER, anyone here wit dragonfire pickup experience? From what ive heard on a couple other boards they cant tell the difference between 490/498 and dragonfire humbuckers... they are just so cheap!
Dude, if you like the gibson sound, give some Duncans or Dimarzio PAF style pickups a try. If you use an antiquity, you will never go back to gibson.
Fact: Bears eat beats. Bears beats Battlestar Galactica.
I love the '57 classics, what is a comparable pickup in sound to them?
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Gibson, duncan, and DiMarzio all make good PAF's. None of the are great but they are better than you would get from companies like GFS. I think that Duncan's seth lover and 59 are better PAF's than anything gibson makes and duncan charges a lot less. If you want the overwound PAF tone then you are better of with Dimarzio.
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