An on the spot, kinda stream of conciousness lyric. Hard rock for genre, and the second repetition of 'shut you up' in the choruses are screamed.

You keep talk and talking
never shutting up, always complaining
this and that, but it always
comes back to us

why aren't we friends? what happened to us?
i miss you so much, you say
i'll tell you why, you never listen
non-stop talking, questions, complaints

so now i'll shut you up
i'm sick of your whining
i'll shut you up, mean as I need
I don't care about your crying anymore

you see me in the hallways,
but I ignore your stare.
I've decided we need to part ways,
but you just keep talking to air


You think i'll turn around
and change my mind, but what
you don't see if now,
i'm happier. you got cut

I don't want you anymore,
i see that now. you don;t
believe me, but if you knew,
you'd finally shut up.
Agile Ash RB 828
Schecter C-7 (old 90s style headstock)
Handbuilt 6-string V
Handbuilt Baritone scale 6 string Iceman-copy
Pod HD300