Alright Never mind the Title as i've come upon some new information about having to make modifications to the Guitar Body. Sorry if it wasted your time
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You'll need to pay a lot for the routing and other work.

It's really not worth it, buy a new guitar with a floyd rose instead.

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you'd be better off buying a new guitar with a decent licensed or original floyd.

an original floyd + fitting fees on a squier seems a bit pointless.
hey man to put a floyd rose on a guitar that doesnt already have one youd have to router it all out, your best bet is to not get a floyd for it. and get a fixed bridge
Alright Thanks for the help guys...I might just take the guitar into a local guitar shop and have them look at the bridge. As i said i'm a beginner and was very unaware that it would need huge modifications body of the guitar =P.
If you really want the floyd it's time to get a new guitar that comes equipped with it. If you just want a new toy there are tremolo bridges you can get for your guitar and they'll be cheaper too (probably)
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