I am looking at audio interfaces and have been looking at this:


Now, i want to know, does Pro Tools, with this Ignition Pack thingie-whatever, are there any drums, or bass instrument samples?

Also is there any guitar amp simulation or modeling?
There are some, some of the demo plugins have some drum loops. And I'm not sure about bass loops, never had a need to look or gtar sim. I didn't care much for pro tools anyway. I don't have a use for it so GarageBand works wonders for me, and I know it includes all u mentioned. Now that I think about it, there is gtar sim. Incuded in protools bundle
The Mini it comes with an LE version of BFD that is alright. It's basically just one kit but it has enough variation that it sounded better than what I had before. (In the end I chose to upgrade to the full BFD though.) Now that the Mini should ship with version 8, and if it doesn't you'll be eligible for a free upgrade, you get a few amp sims, Eleven Free and the classic SansAmp, and the software sampler Xpand and the sampler Structure Free which both have some bass samples that are OK.