Hi the action on my classical guitar is way too low which is causing tons of buzz and I was wondering how I can make the strings higher. Sorry if I sound like a retard I know nothing about the anatomy of classical or acoustic guitars.
maybe you could raise the bridge somehow... or change it to a higher one... i can't think of any other way...
Some more back story would help here. Was the guitar always like this? Is it a new purchase? Did you recently put a new set of strings on it?
Classical style guitars are pretty basic, even more so than a steel string acoustic since there's (usually) no truss rod to adjust. Typical causes of too low of action can usually be narrowed down to bridge saddle height, depending on where on the fretboard the action is low. If it's too low up around frets 1-3, then the nut slots could be cut too deep. If it's too low up at the 12th fret, then the saddle could need shimming up. There's also the issue of bellying up of the soundboard which is normally caused by drying out of the guitar. Classicals aren't quite as susceptable to this as a steel string would be because of the lower tension the strings place on a classical. 60-90 lbs. of tension total from the strings for a nylon, while a steel string can go as high as 150-180 lbs. of pull. Vast difference.