hey folks

pretty self explanatory from the title, i was just wandering if there are any laws about unsigned artists play cover tracks live at small local gigs in the UK. can you just play them or do you need permission.

i have a cover of symphony of destruction iv been working on that i think could be good to bulk out a set.

im just covering my back. havnt found anything on google really.
as far as i know, there are no REAL laws covering songs live.

its when you cover songs, record them and make money off them. Thats when you need to start paying royalties.
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Even the pros do it without permission. Go right ahead, just don't butcher it
EDIT: ^Still not a problem. Besides, it's not like Dave's gonna know is it!?

if i was of daves status i would be complimented to see some 17 year old artist covering my song
You can play any piece of music so long as you don't sell recordings of it.