I've been playing guitar for a year n a half now. I study classical music/play for school... etc etc

I was at a store today playing through a Vox Vt30. I decided to play on it because it'd be easy to get different sounds quick on while trying out different guitars.

Possibly it's my noobness to electric guitars/amps, but I took a great liking to the amp.
I got a lot of great sounds off of the presets which really worked for me and I got some good sound out of manual setups.

I don't know too much about amps. Wanted to know what the rest of the community thought about the amp.

I'm looking into buying an amp for under $350 (pref under 300) and this seemed like a great start to me.
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Its a fantastic amp. Get it.
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i got the vt30xl which is i guess their more high gain model of the chrome grille. i love it, the clean is great and havng 6 distortion tones at my fingers i can dial in any sound i want pretty much. picked mine up new for $179.
I love mine.
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well il sell you mine for $250. Great shape, got it last year. I got a bigger amp now for gigging, so i have no need for it anymore. interested?
If memory serves the 50w version is a big upgrade, including a Celestion speaker. Investigate.
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The VT series just came out like, a month or 2 ago.

ooh, I, have the AD30VT, almost the same thing i guess