I have a agile les paul (al3100), basically an epi. My guitar plays liek **** most of the time tho. I got the frets leveld and the action is moderately high, but it still buzzes. When i adjust the tross rod, its fine, then it just sucks again 5 minutes later. I can't keep it good for more than a day or two. What should i do?
i would take it to a repairman and get their opinion. it could be ****ed up or maybe its something simple, they should be able to tell you
Since you need the truss adjusted to make the neck perfectly flat to do a fret level, I'd say whoever did the fret job would have noticed if your truss was broken. Maybe your adjusting it wrong, and putting too little or too much relief in the neck.
I have the same guitar, and had the same problem. I (think), the truss rod is not your problem. I replaced the tuners and bridge, and have not had ANY problems since. I got a graphite nut, Gotoh tuners, and a Tone Pros bridge put on it...it cost me $75.00, but nothing has been out-of-place-since. Many shops are going to try to tell you nothing can be done, but don't fall for that.
how are you even adjusting the rod?

are you measuring neck relief?

how much are you turning? how often?

how old are the strings?
is the guitar staying in tune?

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