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Epiphone Les Paul Studio
17 36%
Fender Standard Telecaster
30 64%
Voters: 47.
I would pick the Les Paul, because Adam Jones uses one, and he is my guitar god.
It depends on the tones your after. As for build quality personally I'd go tele in that case
I guess it depends on what type of sound you are after. Do you want the "warm" sound of a humbucker, or the "cutting" sound of a single coil. What type of music/players are you into?
It seems like every time I'm at guitar the ~400$ epiphones always suck much more than any of the MIM teles/strats I check out, so I would definitely go fender here.
That all depends on what kind of sound your looking for, I own an Epiphone Les Paul and love it, I prefer them over Strats.
Just like everyone else said, it depends on your sound. In the guitar world a telecaster and a les paul are exact opposites. You need to go play both, and see which fits your style the best.
I prefer the Les Pauls, mainly because I don't really ever back off on gain enough to appreciate the cutting tone of a strat.

Depends what you're after.
teleteleteleteleteleteleteleteleteleteletele what?

get a tele.
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I'd take the tele

and i own a gibson lp studio...
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Well I play ska and punk mostly

I need great clean and distorted tones. Also Love playing around with effects in general.

Crisp cleans and crunchy distorted tones are what I am going for
Less Paul if I had to choose, cause I just really dont like telecasters shape... I just ..ewe... not my thing.
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I personally would go with the tele, but for what you're interested in, I'd say the LP would be a better choice.
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buy a mim strat. i think epiphones are no good. they suck actually. unless you pay at least 600 700 dollars. then why not buy a gibson... fenders are overpriced too but i thionk a strat is far better than a tele and an epiphone.
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Yeah, I am trying to keep it under $400
I'm going in tomorrow to try them out again.
Try a couple of different amps and see if I can try them both with a distortion pedal.
Slash wants you to buy the Les Paul otherwise Gibson won't mak enough money and drop his sponsorship