my cheap instrument cable just gave out on me, so i need a new one
any suggestions on a good, durable brand?

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planet waves or monster cables. I've had a 3 metre planet waves cable for 8 years and its still in top working order.
that or monster....monsters are insured for life as long as you dont purposely break it/tamper with it
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monsters are insured for life

So are all other decent cables...

OP, check out Mogami, Planet Waves, George L, Cleartone, Lava Cable. I wouldn't recommend Monsters; they're overpriced and several of them tamper with equalization.
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i would say fulltone cables are awesome, but i dont know where you are located so i dont know if you can order them.

look into mogami cables also.

im in the us

also, thanks to everyone who suggested something