swapping/ selling this

for this

i love the BTB but its really bulky and im looking for something a little more slender and easy to get around. I played the SRX and the neck feels like a guitar, so fast and thing, easy to play.

Any input would be much appreciated
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If you aren't going to miss the Low B, then go for it. I certainly would, although I'd give it a lot of thought.

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Only if you're positive that you won't miss that low B/high C, depending which way you set it up.

I probably wouldn't, because I love the thunder that that low string can give you.
yeah i am, the same thing happened when i first bought it. Maybe i can just save up and buy the SRX too
I don't like the BTB body shape either. I'd get an SR rather than an SRX though if it were me.

it sounds good. the neck? meh. but if you like it.
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