I wrote this song without a high e string, so that's why it's called 5 String Madness. The tuning is a combination of tunings, Drop A (the original one, standard tuning, with the E dropped to A) and the "hardcore tuning" (according to wikipedia, it is an actual tuning) with the "B" string tuned a semitone above the G (so G#) . It kinda jumps from genre to genre, but it fits pretty well.

Also, see if you can figure out which band influenced the last part (it also sounds like another band, who I started listening to AFTER I wrote the song, so its not them).

Oh, and this time, it really isn't Sparta, it's just madness.
i wasnt going to write anything cause i thought it was weird that you have used a bass as guitar but the riff at 69 is ausome. thats a really good harmony
Awesome. Very unique lol, i don't think anyone has ever though to do that =D
Gallien Krueger is awesome