im the lead player. we have a singer/rhythm guitar who doesnt have much range but has the guts to sing. i guess born to be wild would be an example of what he can sing and sound pretty good (1 of 2 songs we know as a band, other being blitzkrieg bop). Hes kind of into Radiohead and alt pop stuff if thats even a genre. Bass player, has become somewhat of a metalhead. we dont play metal. if its not considered "metal" by his youtube buddies or whatever, he doesnt like it. i suggest some pearl jam or zeppelin and hes just like ehh i want to play metal. if he likes it hell take the time to tab it but he mostly worries that the songs arent hard enough even though he aint that great. with the drummer all i worry about is music taste (again pop alt, blink 182 and all that garbage) but he can play and he doesnt worry too much about the song. I feel like im the only one who wants to take this seriously (play parties learn party songs like beatles, stones, who, petty). i love zeppelin but we cant pull it off as a band. i dont know any other musicians that are worth anything... Im kindof pissed off because I want to play in a band more than anything, i come home after school and play all day...... I dont really know what Im asking here but i guess to sum it up, What the heck can i do?
Perhaps the best bands are created by mixing the different member's musical tastes?

Just a thought
Well if the only songs you guys know as a band are Bliztkrieg Bop and Born to Be Wild then I'd 1. Quit the band ASAP, 2. If you're devoted as you say you are, continue to practice practice practice, and 3. Search for people who are as devoted to it as you wanna be. Otherwise you're probably gonna go nowhere. I'm not a fan of metal either and it really pisses me off when people I jam with just wanna 'shred' cause its hardcore. Find people who have the same interests as you when it comes to music and the band should work out pretty well.
ive been in this situation in my first band. its gunna be tough to work around the music taste differance. if everyone can gree of a certain sound(by melding all of the styles together) it will work. i would suggest finding people who enjoy close to the same music as you do, you'll find it easier on your-self to write and play the music you want.
i totally get what u said and i cant help u cuz im in the same trouble
i got 2 band

First :
The Drummer kinda suck and is too much oldy like blue oyster cult and zeppelin are too ''heavy'' for him. He dont have imagination he cant improvise.
The Bassist is kinda good but hes a metalhead. but he can jam. the only problem is he dont have much time cuz hes studying in informatic

Second band :
second guitar : he absolutely want to b lead , i told him that he can b lead sometimes and that ill b lead sometimes (equality!) and he cant stand it. Hes good but he only play metallica and megadeath. Even in funky jams.
Drum : he like rap.
Bass : Never Pratice, like Grind-Death-Black-Metal. hea our singer too, he make intestinal noise like sound

in all that there me trying to make everyones happy playing and jamming all kinds of stuff, praticing like crazy. Trying to make other dudes jam a song. Im also the only one writings songs, from drums to lyrics. And they never happy.
Sorryz for me bad engrish.

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Find people that want to play the same music as you, don't be in a band that doesn't work with you. God, it seems like everyone wants to be in a band for the sake of being in a band and dont even care about the fun in it. Metallica never had the intentions of being multi-platinum rockstars, they just wanted to play Iron Maiden songs in Lars' garage.
at least you know people who play instruments. theres probably 5 people that i kno who play an intrument, and i dont even think they are good. and the only decent guitarist i kno is... yes, a metalhead and like some already said, all he wants to do is play as fast as possible and "shred". speed isnt everything. anyways i would not waste my time on those idiots. jus keep doing what you do until the right people come along who are interested in the same **** you are or are willing to combine musical taste. my opinion.
thanks dudes, im gonna give it another shot because we have a practice tommorow, but i dunno... The problem that I have with them is that nobody really is as into zepp or the beatles or the who or etc. as much as me... its very hard to show them the greatness of Zeppelin because nobody takes the time to sit down and shut up and listen to physical grafiti all the way through on their own. Luckily i was introduced to Zep at age ten and havent stopped since so i really know and love it quite well at age 16. I'm intense about my music and its tough when all these guys dont know what im talking about when i name off a bunch of songs
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Perhaps the best bands are created by mixing the different member's musical tastes?

Just a thought


There's a saying;
'You can please some of the people all of the time, and you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time!'

And it's absolutely true.
Everyone, even people who listen to the same genre, have slightly different personal tastes, so it's practicaly impossible to do something that everyone likes equally.

As Ibbod0 just said, the best bands are those that successfully fuse everyone's tastes, making something different and original sounding.
In a band's set list, everyone will have their own personal favourites and personal dislikes and these will vary, what one person likes, another will dislike, and vice versa, so look at it like this, the price you pay for playing your favourite songs is playing someone elses favourite songs.
Once you can all accept this, your band will run much more smoothly, your sound will become more original, your set will be varied and that all makes for a more successful band. Especialy the variation part.
Y'see, if you play just one style that everyone agrees on, you'll only attract an audience that likes that one style, in other words it limits the percentage of population that you can draw an audience from, but with a varied set, you attract people from a much wider population base.
In other words, you get 'bigger' audiences once you have established yourselves as a live act.
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^^ now THAT's a man with some experience.

you need to be as accepting to your bandmates as you want them to be to you. you have to give and take, your setlist shouldn't model your personal taste, but what you are as a band.