i been playing for like 6 months, and i decided im gonna take at least a few months break from lessons (at least until this semesters over). Money really isnt a factor (although 125 bucks a month for only four 1/2 hour sessions is a bit much).

Anyway i felt like over the past 2 months i've been learning more from youtube and sites like justinguitar.com than i have at lessons. And like i said since the lessons are only a half hour we really dont have time to go into stuff im interested in learning, we pretty much just stick to the standard routine.

I wanted to know what were some other good sites. I like justin guitar cause its free and he really knows what hes talking about but the amount of content is somewhat limited, and youtube is always hit or miss. I don't mind using a pay site (a $100 yearly subscription is really nice compared to what im paying now for actual lessons)

Also any dvds or book for intermediate players can help too to keep me learning in the meantime when i decided i want to go back to taking lessons. I'm interested in learning as many styles of music too. so i dont care if you recommend me something along the lines of metal or a jazz guitar, or anything in between
You can look into the Metal Method by Doug Marks. A lot of great info (for any level), and the whole dvd course is like $70.00.