do you think it's actually a legitimate way to pitch yourself as a musician?And do you necesarilly need a flashy one with lots of flair?Or is it all about the music sample content you put up?
make it formal and very nice professional looking to get attention.

every band has a myspace nowadays

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make it not have a crapload of stuff for the poor people's computers to load
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i like myspace actually. i think it really helps me check out band i might like. ive found a great share of music on myspace i absolutely love.
Yeah, i guess it's a good way to support your band. You don't really need all the flair and stuff, just make it look semi-professional.
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Just make it look legitimate.

And please don't use comic sans as a font, as no one will take you seriously.

I for one don't take time to listen to bands pages that don't look established, and I know a lot of people that do the same.

However if your musical content really is good, then people will definitely listen.

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It's a great promotional tool. you can reach thousands and thousands of people.

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I think a myspace ontop of a nifty website would be best, but as we all know, some of us don't have the money (or intelligence, in my case) to make a website, so myspace is the next thing :P

and sorry if that made no sense, I'm tired
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you sir have a fantastic sig. i was part of that thread, it was a good time.

why thank you.