Well i know a few basic sweeps and im getting pretty good at them.
Im not sure of the names of them, but the normal 5 and 3 string sweeps.
i wat to start leanring more patters and all, but have no idea where to start.
Whch arpeggios are good to use, and how do i know which notes are in that arpeggio?
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Perfect the ones you do know.

You're probably doing the basic major and minor arpeggio shapes. Those are pretty much all you really need, unless you want to spice things up ;]

But to make more, you can take any chord and arpeggiate it into a sweep. If you make up a chord that you think would sound good sweeped, by all means do it.

To learn what notes are in a chord, learn about theory and chord construction (which is theory). Check out the Crusades articles if you haven't already. Those will help alot.
I'm actually putting together a video lesson of this very thing (it's a common question).

I've worked out an organizational, sweep-friendly system that is kind of the backbone for being able to sweep arpeggios up and down the entire neck. It's based on a triad. It comes down to remembering the 3 "Primary Diagonals" and 3 "Zig-Zags" based off the diagonals.

A while ago, I posted a writeup here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=813959

That covers only the diagonals as the zig-zags didn't occur to me as a simplification until later (the zig zag is basically the bottom 3 notes of one diagonal with the top 3 of the next diagonal).

This is a "demonstration" video which is a small part of the lesson video. At the beginning I'm slowly playing the diagonals and zig zags and after that just riffing on sweeps in G major. Maybe you can pick up the fingering.


To get the most out of it, you really should be able to understand a little theory. It doesn't require much. Some of the fingering is challenging though.
TS, if you're asking those questions, don't you think it's more important to understand what you're playing than learn to more things faster?

Check the theory lessons in my sig, use the sweeping sticky.
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I'm actually putting together a video lesson of this very thing (it's a common question).

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