I know the last time we spoke
Things got out of hand
You came away feeling 8 miles high
I felt like an ant
It seems itll never end
And im not quite sure how
But I got this feeling
that I cant get my head around
and we're walking away now
nothing but silence rather than goodbyes
Yet i listen closer and I hear the sound
Of my own conscience
Screaming in my ears
to turn around, and chase you down
To let you know what Ive always known
I never wanted to be here
You were the filler of a void
But my cup is overflowing and I cant lie anymore
Im sorry if Ive wasted your time
Ive sure lost a lot of mine
I dont feel an ounce of guilt
yet you deserved to hear
How I lied to myself and you
But on this side of the fence
There wont be any tears
I feel like I should care
Yet I cant force it this time
Not this time, not ever again
Now I'll be the one to turn around
While youre in disbelief
As I walk the only sound
Will be my own sweet relief

No, its not autobiographical. I started with the first 2 lines then I guess a scene and idea developed in my head. Any comments/criticisms welcome.
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