Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone has dealt with a new reissue of the Kramer Pacer? If so, how is the quality of these guitars (neck, body in particular). I'm looking at getting one and swapping out the pups for emg's or dimarzios.
Would it be worth the while shelling out a few extra dollars for an ebay vintage (1980's) version?
Style of music wanting to be played is Metallica, Megadeth, Maiden, Slayer etc etc.
Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
i have bought 2 vanguard reissues (FR version) and both have been absolute garbage, bent FR and necks with humps in them. no trouble with the electronics though. i have returned both, and will never buy another kramer unless it is one of the vintage ones. I bought them from 2 different vendors, so i dont think it was the reseller.

i think gibson uses the kramer brand to sell garbage.

i dont know about the pacer models, but i wouldn't be surprised if they are awful as well, but i dont know their quality for a fact. i just would not trust them myself.

if you do get one and replace the pickups...i want a quadrail...PM and ill buy one from you (or anyone else that has one).
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i own a kramer pacer.
new one.
i got it merely to operate on.
its horrid.
body,decent,bad tone.
definitely get emgs.

I also own couple pacers and barettas from the 80's.
Save your money,
get a good pacer from the 80's
late 80's prfferably.
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So you wouldn't recommend one for the purpose of operating on?
that's what i'm doing, it won't be my main guitar.
also, how do your 80's pacers play/sound? what pickups you using them with?
Well I got a 2008 Kramer Striker here, made in November.

IT ****ING RULES. It wails like a mother****er. It's class, hard tail - no complaints. I also own a high end Taylor acoustic and real american strat so I know quality. Check my profile for pictures.
OMG.....these guitars (if you can call a kramer a guitar) r sssssssssssssoooooooooo ****. do not, i repeat, DO NOT by one!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, TS if you're talking about the new Kramer Pacer Imperial that was recently released going for about $1200 then have a look at this review. Its also compared to the Charvel San Dimas.


From what I've heard on KF from guys who own early 80's Pacers and played/own the new one, this is the real deal and a kick ass guitar.


...and for the rest of you, know the difference between their low end import stuff and their USA models before you speak out and think you know it all. ( Jackolas excluded of course )
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I got a Kramer Vanguard with the floyd from MusicYo ~ 2 years ago for $180 new and it was definitely worth it at that price. I got lucky and mine arrived in one piece and played fantastically. The only bad part about it was that frets 1 and 2 buzzed out on the first 3 strings, but that was easily fixed by shimming the nut and re-adjusting the action. Just last year I put a JE-1000 in it and it absolutely SCREAMS with the Quadrails. So, I've been really happy with mine. Although I do admit that I got really lucky and that they've really been hit or miss.

But yeah, you might want to look into the original Pacers if you're thinking of going with a Kramer.
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