1. about how much do you think an Ibanez RG100 in fair condition would sell for? (I'm just curious)

2. Do you think these pickups would fit well for the guitar? (i.e. would they work with the guitar...I'm not so much worried where to put them right now, but I do want to make sure there's no problem with having two different kinds of pickups)
---EMG F-H3 Passive Humbucker
---Lace Sensor Red-Blue Dually Humbucker

3. If the neck is slightly warped, can you simply loosen the rod (the one running the length of the neck) to unbend the neck? It's not bent very bad at all.

4. The guitar is generally a creamish color. Not really like a yellowish cream but almost like a dirty white. I think...What could I use to clean the body to make sure it's not supposed to be flat-out white?

5. Grime on the fret board. What can get rid of it?