Do you think your parents would be happy if they knew,
what you were doin every Friday after school?

do you think they'd give you a break?
congradulatory hand shakes?

ch: My lady bakes a lot
she gets her kicks out of pots- and pans
wash your hands dear your parents will be here verry, verry soon

Do you think you know where its at?
When your alone does your cat (make fun of you?)

did he tell you that hes dissapointed?
you respond with "come on join in"

chorus x2

do you think ill watch your back
when they find flour in your napsack

do you think they'll give you a break,
c'mon, c'mon whats it gonna take?

ch x2

stoner of the year
its clear
its you dear (repeat)

im sure this is said alot: i know this song is very strange but i found a way to sing it so it works out nice...sort of.
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